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 How to add a photo to your post

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How to add a photo to your post Empty
PostSubject: How to add a photo to your post   How to add a photo to your post I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 16 2011, 19:53

Basically, to get the photo onto our forum it needs to be ‘hosted’. This means placing it somewhere on the internet so that it can be seen by other people. There are loads of free image hosting websites out there and the most popular one is photobucket (

Another option is to host the image via our forums own built in program. Here is a step by step guide for both options.

Via an external image hosting website such as photobucket.

1. Set up an account with an image hosting website such as photobucket. This is all free to do.

2. Follow the image hosts directions on how to upload photographs onto their website.

3. Once your photos have been uploaded click on the photograph you wish to use.

4. The website should give you a list of codes for you to share your photos. These are normally listed as Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML or IMG. Its the IMG code you will need.

5. Keep the image hosting website open and then open the new post on the Willow forum.

6. Copy the IMG code from the image hosting website and then click back onto your new post. You will need to copy the full code including the How to add a photo to your post  at the start of the code and the at the end of the code.

7. Paste the IMG code wherever you wish the picture to show in your post.

8. Once you’ve finished your post click ‘preview’ or send and your image should be there.

Via the forums image hoster

1. To insert the image into your post you will need to choose the ‘Host Image’ icon highlighted below. It’s the icon of a picture with a disk in front of it. If you hover your mouse over the icon, it will say ‘Host an Image’ after a few seconds.

How to add a photo to your post Host_i10

2. Click on the icon and box will appear asking for you to choose a file. (It is at this point it may ask you to set up an account. If so, just follow the prompts).

3. Click Browse and this should automatically open your computers files. Find the image you wish to post and either double click it or click once and then click ‘open’. This will now have transferred the location of your photo on your computer to the ‘browse’ box.

How to add a photo to your post Host_i11

4. Ensure that the ‘Resize Image’ option is set to ‘800 px width (for forums)’ and then click ‘Host It’. It may take a few minutes to upload depending on the speed of your computer and the size of the picture.

5. Once loaded three boxes will appear. The first one will be labelled ‘Thumbnail’, the second one labelled ‘Image’ and the third ‘Image URL’. You can ignore the ‘Image URL’ option but either copy the code from the ‘Thumbnail’ if you want a small picture (about 1 inch square in size) or ‘Image’ if you want a full size picture. Important note: Don’t use the copy tab which is at the end of each box as it doesn’t work. You will need to highlight the code, right click and copy that way.

How to add a photo to your post Host_i12

6. Once copied, right click on your post and chose ‘paste’. Your code should now be in your post.

7. To close the hosting box simply click on the picture icon and it will disappear.

8. Your image should now be in your post and can be viewed when you either click ‘preview’ or ‘send’

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How to add a photo to your post
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